DougieGreetings, welcome to my biography: the part of my portfolio explicitly devoted to my life (even if the rest of it implicitly is as well). Born and raised in Suamico, Wisonsin, I have lived in the suburbs my entire life. Until last year I had not been outside of the United States and it truly opened up my perspectives. That may be cliche to say, but over the past year I have been trying to experience as many new things as possible. I think that can be directly seen in my change in voice over the past year in my writing.

As I stated in my welcome page, English has always been my favorite subject despite the fact that it is only my minor now. I attribute my interest in English to my wonderful teachers of my past. I personally thank: Ms. Bailey, Mrs. Spielbauer, Mr. Maki and Mrs. Sturdivant. These teachers helped make me the writer I am today and showed me how I could harness my passions into literature.

After high school I knew I wanted to do something with English, but did not see it as my primary career path. I settled on having an English Minor with a double major in Economics and Marketing. I hoped this balance would set me apart from others in the business world and English gave me an oasis in the middle of the monotony coming from business classes. Moving forward I hope to work for either a non-profit, a benefit corporation or a small music company. English has made me a better writer and there is potential for me to even integrate journalism if I end up working in the music industry.

Literature is important to enriching perspectives and integrating one’s past experiences. Every time you write or read any piece of literature, it is directly influenced by all aspects of your life. This portfolio works to illustrate these topics solely through my perspective. As I talked about in my introduction, the six separate topics that the portfolio entails are guided by my own thoughts and unique perspectives.

For all my flaws as a growing writer, I am proud of the portfolio I have put together. While I did not work to improve for anyone except myself, I credit all of the English teachers and professors for being patient and providing me with quality criticism. I am comfortable where my writing skills are now, but I will always continue to improve and work to be the best writer I can.