Close Reading

Last semester I read and discussed The Tempest in my Shakespeare class with Dr. Risden. Being my second time reading the play, it helped to structure the foundation of what my thoughts would be for an essay. The process for writing this essay began with the process assignments that had me analyzing passages from The Tempest. After I narrowed down the topic I wanted to cover, I began to free-write and create an outline with passages relating to my topic. This was by far the most traditional approach I took to essay writing in this course as I had not yet become burnt out.

While this essay took me a long time to get into, it relied on spending time writing and revising continuously. Thankfully, Julia Serra gave me some great guidance during revisions and from there I was more confident in what I wanted to focus my essay on. From there it was pretty straightforward in the fact that I just edited and added to my essay. Taking what Julia, Dr. Scheler and more of my peers said into consideration, I crafted an essay that I feel worthy of my final portfolio. After toying with it late in the semester after considering all that I had learned and talked about, I had a clear motive for writing this essay (Miranda’s repression) that many of my other essays did not.

For this particular assignment I learned how to combat serious writer’s block. I did not struggle to read The Tempest nor pick out topics or passages I found interesting, but I did struggle to put it all together. By working on different styles of writing and revising, I found more constructive ways to use my time rather than just staring at the screen. This paper also reinforced that I will always prefer doing revisions on paper rather than online. There is just something about being able to sprawl my words out that is satisfying and allows me to say everything I need to.

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