Postcolonialist Critique

I was happy to finally get to this essay so I could talk about the colonialism at play in The Tempest. I have not been shy when talking about my dislike for The Tempest, but being able to vent about savagery was actually cathartic. Unfortunately for me, I tried a lot of new things here, but they did not entirely connect. I tried to connect too many sources, but did not give enough attention to any of them.

After finishing this essay I realized how similar it was to my second essay and how I could create a sort of hybrid from the two of them. Taking this into consideration, my process was more about creating an essay that reflected colonialism by taking my second and third essay and creating something more powerful as a statement. I am not entirely convinced I did so successfully, but like my Marx essay, this paper shines in its ideas rather than polish.

The whole hybrid idea never came together, rather I took ideas from this essay and applied them abstractly to my second essay. This was for the best as I felt stronger about that work than I did this.

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