Psychoanalytic Critique

This essay was the hardest to write. This one was rough. Psychoanalytic critique is not an easy topic to hone in over the course of several months, much less a couple of weeks. Coming back from Spring break to this topic was a new type of challenge that I found unmatched during the entirety of this entire course. Even the process assignments were hard to put together so when it came to writing the essay, it was just as difficult.

While this essay felt different, there was a familiar process to it: look at process assignments, read and mark up historical backgrounds, try to connect Hamlet and then try to put all of that together. For the most part that happened, but I was not entirely happy with the product I handed in. I think the ways I connected Hamlet were smart, but the psychological ideas themselves from Freud and Lacan were weak and I really did not fully understand them anyway.

All of that considered, I abandoned this essay right after I handed it in. I thought Dr. Scheler’s feedback was helpful, but I realized how long it would take to fix this essay and was still not confident I had enough grasp on the topic to make it worth revising. If I learned anything from this essay (which I believe I did), it was that it is fine to abandon an essay, there is no shame in it. When I put together this portfolio, this essay just helped me to identify more easily the essays I wanted to get rid of out of the six.

Very beginning draft: Essay 4 Draft 1

Comments from my peer: Essay 4 Draft 1 sam

Draft I handed in: Essay 4 first full draft

Dr. Scheler’s comments on draft: Sorenson Psychoanalysis Draft Feedback