Marxist/New Historical Critique

My essay on Marxist Critique was easier to write than the Psychoanalytic Critique, but not by much. After battling with the texts, I ended up using both Marx and Althusser. The only thing I could think about in the context of Freud is my former roommate who was communist and in love with Karl Marx. While this engaged me, I found myself daydreaming several times about Marx (meme included below) when reading him.

When it came time to write this essay, I pushed through like my other essays and forced it outside of myself. Talking through my ideas on the peer review day helped greatly to ensure that I was on the right track. Overall, I decided it was deserving of my final portfolio based primarily on the ideas that I have on display. While it is far from my most polished essay, it certainly embodied more freedom of my unique perspectives.

Rough Draft: Essay 5 Assignment

Draft I Turned in: Essay 5 Turn-In Draft

Dr. Scheler’s Comments: Sorenson Social Critique Draft Feedback

Final Essay