Feminist Critique/Deconstruction

When writing this essay, two thoughts came to my head: I could either finish strong or just hand this essay in with little effort. Despite my waning effort, I ended up pushing through and going with the former. Feminist gender critique is an interesting topic which I felt comfortable applying to Hamlet. As I began writing this essay, it just flowed off the page and I am certainly glad this final essay was not one of my weaker topics (such as psychoanalytic critique).

The most effective way I found to write this essay was to begin by making a list of Butler’s quotes and ideas then adding instances from Hamlet where I felt that those ideas could be applied. From there I came up with a topic I wished to cover and focused specifically on Hamlet’s complicated nature. I partially regretted not covering other characters, but by focusing on one specific character, I felt I was able to do more effective close reading.

My first draft was a glorified outline where I had little work done besides some quotes I found useful. My peers helped me talk through the topic and I found this practice quite useful in honing in on what I wanted my thesis to be. In the second half of this course, I have particularly found discussion more useful than my peers just looking over a basic outline. Having peers whom I can talk through my ideas that I have not yet put to paper is invaluable and what I attribute to be the most important factor in figuring out what I want to talk about in my essays. All of this considered, I only had to tweak my thesis and reorganize this essay after the fact, it was one of my more polished essays when I handed it in originally.

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