Lil B once said, “Not everybody has time to pay attention fully, or not everybody has the time to read a book. Some people refuse to read books, and I’m just an unread book. Open me!” There is probably an infinite number of Lil B quotes I could have used to describe this portfolio, but after finding this one, I realized I should probably get back to writing this introduction. That essentially sums up my process. While I was able to complete my portfolio, there were so many distractions that went into it and a lot of stopping and coming back. All of that considered, I feel extremely accomplished to be able to bring you my portfolio as a complete project.

This portfolio embodies work that I have created over the past five months and if you are reading this, I am happy to introduce you to my work. Greetings friend, I welcome you to this journey as I explore a variety of topics through the lens of Shakespeare’s works: Hamlet and The Tempest.  This portfolio is a testament to my work in progress as a growing writer. “My Process Portfolio” especially demonstrates this, showing my specific thought process behind each essay and how each evolved throughout the time I spent with each of them. While there are six total essays available for you to read, I specifically chose four topics to polish extensively. Before you read the essays, I recommend reading my biography which will give you a better grasp on my personal perspective on these topics.

My first essay focuses specifically on “close reading” where I look extensively at one particular topic and break down scenes from The Tempest, recognizing minute details. In this particular essay I look at Miranda’s femininity and how her father and husband repress this even if it is not directly. I was inspired by the troublesome gender dynamics in today’s society and Miranda’s relationship with the men around her has always bothered me.

My second essay is a hybrid between the first and second essays we wrote in this class. This essay functions to bring together a historical contextualization and an academic conversation. In simpler terms, I take historical perspectives into consideration with The Tempest and expand on this with the ideals of theorists who talk about this content. Essentially, I use historic literature to frame The Tempest and explain the colonial savagery that the men Europeans exhibit.

The third essay in my portfolio is the first to focus on Hamlet and uses Karl Marx as well as other philosophers to explain how Hamlet can be contextualized by societal theory. Marx specifically talks about the societal structures that contribute to the strange dynamic of Shakespeare’s world he created. I delve further into structures such as I examine how Hamlet defies the typical structure of a monarchy and being upper class.

My fourth essay focuses on gender and how Hamlet defies gender stereotypes of those around him. Judith Butler talked about how concerning the gender labels can be and Hamlet demonstrates how unnecessary these labels truly are. 

Keeping that all into consideration, I hope you enjoy digging through my portfolio. My “Process Portfolio” is helpful in wrapping together all of my ideas so you can see what I specifically went through to finish these up.