Welcome to my site!  Here you will find my portfolio for English 305 and my senior portfolio, a collection of essays from other English courses I took over my college experience.   For English 305, I wrote six papers with a different theory and focus in mind for each.  Under the Process Portfolio tab, you will discover my six papers in their construction phases.  Scattered throughout the tab, you will find my rough, rough drafts, the more organized papers, and the somewhat polished final drafts.  Beneath the Presentation Portfolio tab are the four strongest papers I construed throughout the semester: my close reading, psychoanalytical, feminist, and new historical papers.  At least, I believe they are the strongest.  As you explore my site, you will fall onto more information on me, how my mind works out writing essays, and how I (hopefully) grew confident in my essay abilities from my freshman year of college.  Enjoy!

Sincerely, Natasha