Revise One

I finished my first revision to my close reading paper.  After inserting more direct quotations and smoothing some odd nooks, I feel much better about the paper.  Overall, my revisions added another page onto my paper, but it feels like I added more than I originally had.  The whole paper feels more concise.  I feel a lot better about this piece than when I had first started it.  Before, when I first wrote my close reading, it was a challenge.  The revision itself did not feel as much of a chore as the paper itself did.  I was more into my paper this second round than before.  I am more happy with the product.  Now to wait and see if the professor feels as though I improved my paper.  At least I do.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn! The Essay Returned!

Good news: My professor did not completely hate my first draft.  At least, not blatantly.  Hooray!  Callooh!  Callay!

All joking aside, I do still have work to do on my close reading paper.  The biggest thing I need to work on is direct quotation.  I did not realize how much paraphrasing I did in the first draft of my paper.  Fixing this shouldn’t be too difficult since I have all the pages already marked.  Other things I need to polish are my transitions and I really want to rework my thesis and introduction.  That was one thing that really chewed at me when I turned in my first draft.  introductions have always been my weakness, though I believe this is a common weakness.  Hopefully.

I accept my professor’s remarks and am happy to work on  his suggestions.  Now to play around with Track changes.  Hopefully, my brain will be more obedient in focusing.  I think it will.  I just need to invest in ear plugs and caffeine.  Lots of caffeine and water.

Success of Finishing the First Draft

*I actually composed this earlier, but for some reason I never hit publish or the site went wonky.  Who knows.  Just learning the process of Word Press I guess.*

After composing six rough drafts, starting from a rough sketch of ideas, I have finally created an official rough draft of my close reading.  Woo hoo!  For the most part, it’s okay.  There’s still a lot of work that can be done, but I am satisfied with what I have written for a first draft.    I am finally comfortable turning it into my professor.  Is it completely done?  The answer: not in the least.  But we are getting there.  I am looking forward to receiving my paper back so that I can be guided by my professor’s comments.  Hopefully, he will find the paper decent.

Initially, the first draft took forever.  My mind defiantly disobeyed my desire to write out the paper in a sit down.  I knew what I wanted to say.  Yet, I couldn’t quite write out what I exactly wanted.  There was so much I wanted to talk about in The Turn of the Screw.   The vast ambiguity of the novel really captured my attention.  From there, I slowly began to shape a thesis around the lack of communication that is throughout the novel.  Are the ghosts real?  Does the governess have a name?  What the actual heck did Miles do to be expelled?  Thinking about these questions now makes me feel excited.  I know, geek.  I really enjoyed this story.  It’s why I thought writing about it would come easier.  Though that didn’t quite happen, at least after hours of painstaking staring, it’s done.  I don’t completely despise it, so that’s a plus.

Now to wait for feedback.

To Write a Close Reading

Here I sit, trying to type up some semblance of an essay.  My book is a mess of post it notes and ideas.  The outline I’ve construed lists what chaos from the  book I’ve decided to use.  Let the fun begin.