Revising the New Historical

As Christmas and sniffles ring in the air, I sit at my laptop and ponder what I want to change in my essay.  With Christmas piano music playing in the background, I reworked the order of my paragraphs and reread the contents multiple times.  I added more information in some paragraphs, tried to connect the feminist history with Glaspell’s Trifles a little more, and then read it again to see if that improved it.  I think my additions improved it, especially with shuffling around my paragraphs.  I may need to do one more revision after this.  We shall see.

Rough Draft- Successfully done?

After tolling over this paper, I feel decent about the first draft.  I at least found some sources on the beginning wave of feminism and a website that collected Susan Glaspell’s original reports (thank you Patricia Bryan and Thomas Wolf!).  I am a little worried that there is not as much analysis tied to the play and the feminist movement, but I can at least always revise.  The examples in the Bedford editions did more melding in their paragraphs of the work they were speaking about and the historical context.  I did a little more “this happened, this happened, and Glaspell did this” to connect the play and short story with the historic content.  Fingers crossed I did this right!

NH Searches

Because of how much I liked Trifles, I think I will delve into this play with the New Historical paper.  I already have some background sources for the work, so why not?  At least I have beginning ground to venture off from in my search for sources.  Thus far, I have found some dead ends in finding the original newspapers of Susan Glaspell’s reports of the murder of John Hossack in 1900.  Or, more accurately, I have hit dead ends in finding free copies of the original newspaper.  I’m sure after a little more digging I’ll find something.  Hopefully.