Another draft of the psychoanalytic paper is done.  I have changed the representation of the id from the Devil to the sin.  For the most part, I cleaned up minor errors and elaborated more on the id.  To make the id paragraph more concise, I flipped the beginning and the end from the original.  Everything seems to work out okay.  Now I just need to look again with fresh eyes after the next comments are in.

The Psycho Has Returned!!!

My class folder is becoming impressively thick.  The psychoanalytic paper has been returned and generously commented on.  Some of the key areas to work on are my thesis and creating a stronger hold on what the conflict is between the id and superego and better defining it.  I look forward to going back and editing this paper.

Going Psycho for a Paper

The first draft of the psycho paper is done.  Keeping in mind that it is now officially long weekend, this paper could have been better.  I think it is a decent start to a psychoanalytic paper, but I have a feeling that I am going to have to improve it a lot more.  While writing it, I reached a point where I couldn’t figure out what else to say about the topic.  Personally, I’m pretty convinced my brain was trying to revolt due to its awareness of the impending weekend.  Hopefully, the revision will go better.

For the psychoanalytic paper, I did stick with the Freudian lens on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown.”  I focused on how the Devil was the id, Goodman Brown’s spiritual faith the superego, and Goodman Brown himself acting as the ego.  In the essay, I discussed how the Devil and Goodman’s spiritual faith basically broke him, representing an ego unable to properly mediate between his superego and id.  I love the concept but feel that I could have executed it a little better.  We shall see what my professor has to say about it after long weekend.

Making Decisions

After reading a number of short stories from Literature: A Portable Anthology, some of which I read in high school already but read anyway, I have finally decided on which story I want to write my psychoanalytic paper on.  of all of the stories, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” lingered in my mind the longest.  I enjoyed this piece in high school and still liked reading it.  Though I have not officially worked out my outline yet, I am leaning towards writing my paper through a Freudian lens.  Or it may change to Jung’s shadow concept.

Right now, I am thinking about forming this essay around Goodman Brown representing the ego of Freud’s ideas.  The companion in the woods would be the id, and Goodman Brown’s religious devotion would be his superego.  Goodman Brown struggles with what he sees from the id and cannot compromise it with his belief.  In the end, the struggle between his id and superego turned him bitter and away from people.

The paper will be smoother than this, but so far I like the concept of it.  We shall see how this goes.  I always enjoyed writing psychoanalytic papers.  Hopefully, this one will be fun too.