Reader, Reader, No Dinner

Funny story:  I was so focused on trying to finish my reader response paper that I missed the cafeteria dinner.  Granted, I wasn’t too upset since it was breakfast for dinner (which isn’t that great).  Plus, I am sick, so I did not really feel like eating anyway.  Anywho, the reader response went alright.  Admittedly, it could’ve been better, but I know that this isn’t a paper I want to put in my assessment folder.  This is not my best work, but I think it’s a decent start to what a reader response paper is about.  I looked over past student papers and read the assigned papers in our books, but I reached a writers block.  Maybe it’s the end of the semester feels creeping up on me.  Otherwise, I think it’s a decent rough draft that will need future tweaking after I let it sit for a few days.

Dear Reader…

English 305 is coming to a close.  The final paper is assigned, guidelines for the site handed out, and a dwindling amount of papers to revise (or not).  Since I started the class with a close reading on The Turn of the Screw, I thought it only fitting that I end with my reader response on it too.  The book is interesting, and I enjoyed it, so why not?  Plus, there are a few discussions that run rampant about the governess being mad or not and how the reader is supposed to read it.  Hopefully, the paper will be come smoothly together and into focus.  Especially since this is the last paper for English 305.  At least now I can listen to the Christmas piano music to help drive me to the end.  Hot coco and long nights, here I come!