Revising a Summary

After revising the paper, I feel better about the summary but still a little iffy about the evaluation.  At least it’s a little improved, but I will most likely end up revising and altering the evaluation again.  Oh well.  Practice makes perfect, right?

Feedback on Paper

Today I received my summary paper back.  My abstract was solid as well as the keyword search; however, I need to work on my summary and evaluation.  I had a feeling that these were going to be the parts I needed to work on.  When I wrote the abstract,  I felt pretty confident.  Same goes for the keyword.  The summary and evaluation, though, was like pulling teeth.  Maybe it was just the fact it was a summary made it seem dull.  Usually, I enjoy writing papers.  Once I set a groove into my writing, it goes pretty smoothly.  For this paper, I never felt like I reached my groove.  Hopefully in the revisions, I can redeem this paper.  At least now I better understand what I need to fix.  The summary needs to be smoothed over with transitions and more of a focus.  The evaluation needs to be rethought  and worked in a specific direction.  We shall see how it turns out next.

First Draft Done- Off to the Presses!

Another paper is done.  Success!  After a couple of different drafts, I feel pretty solid about this paper.  As always, it took longer than expected, but that’s unsurprising with my wonky sense of time.  The most important part will be how the professor looks at it though.  Whatever comments he makes, I will most likely revise according to it.  Hopefully this is received well.

Note Malfunctions

I never minded taking notes while reading.  Sometimes, I actually enjoy it.  The most frustrating part about taking notes, though, is when your hand is moving a lot faster than you realized.  It is embarrassing to look back at my notes and have no freaking idea what the scribbles of ink are saying.  Or worse yet, when my handwriting is decent, sometimes I smear it by accident.  I am one of those guilty people who usually has a soda on their desk when writing, and I am a pretty well known clutz.  Unsurprisingly, I have ruined a number of notes by accidental doom of condensation or a flood of fizzy soda.  Oops.

When I read the reading on Egleton, I felt pretty confident in my notes.  As I wrote them, I felt I had a decent handle on what he was saying.  Now as my brain is overflooded with some personal issues, I can’t remember what Egleton said.   With my notes in front of me, I now realize my handwriting must have been written with a rocket powered jet.  I can only read a couple of words.  Grr.

On the bright side, at least I never have to worry about people trying to nab my notes.  If I can’t read them, no one else can.