Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation

Here is my summary and evaluation.  This was by far the most difficult essay, not because of its complicatedness, but because of the seeming baseness of it.  Originally, it felt simple enough to do.  I took pages of notes on the three different authors and thought I knew what I needed to write in my essay.  The abstract and the keyword search was easy enough, but when I did the summary and evaluation portion, it was tougher.  Connecting my own opinions in a thoughtful, essay format was not an easy feat.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say in my evaluation.  Even in my summary, I became lost in the idea of ideology, only half grasping what it really was.  After three drafts, I finally understood the gist of what Eagleton’s ideology consists of.  From there, my own thoughts became clearer and the evaluation tighter.  This essay is not in my presentation portfolio simply because it is not one of my stronger sources.  I also felt like the topic was not as interesting which is what lead to my having such a difficult time writing this.


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