Essay 3: Psychoanalytic

Here is my psychoanalytic paper.  At the beginning of the assignment, I read all the assigned short stories, and after I finished them all, I weaned down the options to my favorite stories.  ”Young Goodman Brown” ended up winning over the others.  Reading it for the third time since high school, I still enjoyed Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story.  I then played with how Hawthorne’s characters related to Freud’s id, ego, and superego identities for the psychoanalyzing side of the paper.  I connected the id with the Devil, the ego with Goodman Brown, and the superego with Young Goodman Brown’s spirituality.  After writing the first paper and receiving comments on it, I altered the id from representing the Devil to sin, or Hawthorne’s Puritan notion of original sin.  Once I made that change, on the third draft, I added in more sources to strengthen the paper as well as concretely show the Puritan notion of original sin.  The paper grew smoother and felt like it had a stronger backbone.  By my fourth draft, I fixed some minor errors and broke the overly long paragraphs up into more decent sized ones.  Overall, I am proud of how this turned out.


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