Essay 4: Feminist and Gender

Here is my feminist paper.  Choosing from a variety of short stories and plays from Literature: A Portable Anthology, I decided on Trifles by Susan Glaspell.  In my Freshman year of college, I read this play for the first time in a survey class.  Reading it for a second time, I still enjoyed it and was intrigued by the circumstance that Minnie Foster is stuck in as well as the dilemma Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale face.  Of all the stories I read for this unit, none made me as excited as Trifles did.  I reveled in writing the paper about women’s stereotypes and how Glaspell played with the idea.  I began with jotting down the base of my ideas and then reworking that into a proper essay format.  I scoured the SNC library source sites for anything related to Trifles and moved it into my essay.  When the original deadline was extended, I went to the library and checked out a book for a stronger source on women and the angel/demon quality associated with them.  After I received my first draft back with comments from my professor, I went back and fixed some errors and tried to expand more on the bird imagery of woman in the Victorian age.  For the third draft, I altered some last tid bits to further smooth the paper.


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