Essay 5: New Historical

Here is my New Historical paper.  My second paper on Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, I look at how the text was influenced by the events happening around it.  More specifically, I studied what feminist movements happened around Glaspell’s life and how it could have effected how she wrote Trifles and “Jury of her Peers.”  I  began with a proposal to my professor, which was green lit to proceed.  From there, I searched for more sources to aid me in writing.  Since I already wrote a paper on Trifles, I already had a few sources to get me started.  After compiling sources, I hashed out a rought sketch of what I wanted to do, peer reviewed with positive enough feedback, and then moved on to ironing out the wrinkles.  After the first draft, I repositioned my paragraphs in the paper and tried to tighten the connection to Glaspell to the feminist movements happening at the time of Glaspell’s life.  By my third draft, I further picked out the nit picky details and strengthened the paper as a whole.    


My Proposal

Rough Cut 

Peer Review

First Draft 

Track Changes

Second Draft

Third Draft