Essay 6: Reader Response

Welcome to my final paper!  Thank you for making it this far!  Here you will find my reader response essay on Turn of the Screw.  Since this was the last essay of the class, I thought it would be nice to revisit what I began the class with.  If you remember, my close reading paper, a.k.a. the first paper of English 305, was about Turn of the Screw and the importance of communication to the story.  In this essay, I look at how the ambiguity of the novel allows readers to create their own interpretations of what is really occurring in Turn of the Screw.  I began by glancing over my original notes on the novel before searching for essays.  There were a lot of general essays that seemed to repeat themselves, so I kept looking through EBSCO and Jstor for decent essays that I could use in my essay.  I ended with looking at an essay that studied how the form of the story lead to the open interpretations of readers, an essay that overlooked how some people see the governess as mad or the ghosts as real, and finally with an example of a person speculating on what happened to Miles.  This is what I ended up writing.  There are no other drafts because I knew that I was not going to include this into my presentation folder, so I redirected my time and energy into polishing the papers that I did want to include in the folder.

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