Presentation Portfolio

Among these lovely tabs, you will find what I believe are my strongest essays of the semester.  Throughout English 305, I wrote six essays with a decent amount of revisions in between each.  In here, you will find four final drafts (yay for alliteration!).  Not gonna lie, this class took a lot of effort and focus to conquer, but I did it.  Probably.  The grades won’t be out for awhile, so who knows.  I’ll remain optimistic until I check later.  Fingers crossed it worked.  Where’s my lucky rabbit’s foot again?

All joking aside, I am really proud of how these essays turned out.  This was the first class where I was allowed to revise my papers more than once, completely molding them from their original start and fixing the minor and major mistakes or weaknesses in the pieces.  After each revision, my papers grew stronger and clearer from their initial draft.  I’d hope so after some of the rough starts I initially began with.  From revising so much, I feel more confident in my writing and have a better handle on how to work an essay.  I also learned that the first draft should not be your last draft.  High school created a lot of bad habits in me that this class demolished.  First off, it’s okay to start with a quote.  Second, you can use I.  I can use the first person and not be blown to smithereens.  In high school, that was a big no no.

I am thankful for my professor setting my writing straight and for being patient with all the writing blunders I made.

Without further ado, in these tabs you will find my close reading, psychoanalytical, feminist, and my new historical paper.  These four are the strongest papers that have sprouted from my brain, caffeine, and the sweat of a lot of pens.  I hope you enjoy them.

Close Reading: The Turn of the Screw and the Importance of Communication

Psychoanalytical: “Young Goodman Brown” and the Struggles of the Ego

Feminist: Trifles and Women’s Stereotypes

New Historical: Susan Glaspell’s Trifles Written Among Feminism