Essay 2

The second paper I chose for my presentation folder is my psychoanalytic paper.  Again, I began by reading all the required short stories for class and chose the story that stood out to me.  In this case, I chose “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I took notes about the different  psychoanalysing theories that can be applied to literature.  From my options, I decided to use Freud’s id, ego, and superego and connect them to the characters in “Young Goodman Brown:”  Goodman Brown represents the ego, the id equals sin, and Goodman Brown’s spirtuality connects with the idea of the superego.  With these in mind, I focused my essay on how Hawthorne shows the hardship the ego endures from the constant struggle between the id and the superego.  Because the ego is supposed to be a mediator betweent the two, the ego never has a break from the constant bickering between the different personalities.  This paper was a lot of fun to write because of how interesting my topic was.  As I revised the paper, I added more citations and altered my thesis a smidgeon to better fit the idea I was trying to paint.  Enjoy!

Click on the link below for my essay:

“Young Goodman Brown” and the Struggles of the Ego