Essay 3

My third essay is my feminist essay.  After reading the selected works in our class anthology, I picked Trifles by Susan Glaspell because I was familiar with the essay from a survey class I took my freshman year, and I really liked the play.  I began by jotting notes in my notebook while reviewing what feminist theory is.  As I shaped my essay, I took note of Glaspell’s influence from her journalism days at the Des Moines News and a murder she reported on.  I scoured through the library source websites and added a book called The Madwoman in the Attic by Susan Gubar and Sandra Gilbert.  In their book, I focused on an essay where they discuss the angel and demon dichotomy of women and the way male writers depict them.  For the actual paper, I studied how women’s stereotypes were brought up in the play and what beliefs existed during its genesis.  After three revisions, I smoothed out the nit-picky details and strengthened my paper.  Prepare yourself for the ghastly murder of a husband and the revelation of the abuse of women from a patriarchy dictated society.

Click the link below for my feminist essay:

Trifles and Women’s Stereotypes