Essay 4

For my last paper, I chose my new historical paper, also on Trifles.  Because I had already found sources that provided details during Glaspell’s construction of the play and its spin off short story, “Jury of Her Peers,” I thought it’d be a smart shift to a new historical approach.  I found additional sources on just the feminist movements that were sprouting from 1890 to 1917, primarily the rise of women’s suffrage and the sparking of birth control.  The original murder case that Glaspell was inspired by occurred in 1900.  The actual play was not written until 1916 with its spin off written a year later.  In the first draft, I hashed out the background of Glaspell with other tidbits about the growing groups of women.  By the second draft, I reworked the order of my paragraphs to create a more concise paper while adding more connections to Glaspell, her play, and the eruption of women dignity.  The third revision merely fixed a few lingering issues that were left after the second.  Thank you and enjoy my last essay in the presentation portfolio.  It has been a blast.

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Susan Glaspell’s Trifles Written Among Feminism