Reader, Reader, No Dinner

Funny story:  I was so focused on trying to finish my reader response paper that I missed the cafeteria dinner.  Granted, I wasn’t too upset since it was breakfast for dinner (which isn’t that great).  Plus, I am sick, so I did not really feel like eating anyway.  Anywho, the reader response went alright.  Admittedly, it could’ve been better, but I know that this isn’t a paper I want to put in my assessment folder.  This is not my best work, but I think it’s a decent start to what a reader response paper is about.  I looked over past student papers and read the assigned papers in our books, but I reached a writers block.  Maybe it’s the end of the semester feels creeping up on me.  Otherwise, I think it’s a decent rough draft that will need future tweaking after I let it sit for a few days.

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