Alexa Proof 26-2

Welcome to my English 305: Literary Theory and Writing blog! This website is where you will find six essays that I have written in the styles of various literary theory approaches, which include: Close Reading, Summary and Evaluation, Psychoanalytic, Feminist and Gender, New Historical, and Reader Response. Here, I have documented my complete writing process for each of these essays in the Process Portfolio. The top four works I am most proud of are featured in the Presentation Portfolio. As a first-year student at St. Norbert College, I was somehow tasked with the challenge of taking this upper-level course designed for English majors–which I began as a 17-year-old and a Communications major. Having never before experienced a college-level English class, I worked long and hard to demonstrate my passion (and hopefully what you will soon judge as talent) for writing.

Feel free to explore my blog and enjoy the writing that I am so happy to share with you!

~Alexandra Shea Paleka