Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation


My summary and evaluation essay consisted of four major parts: an abstract of Iser’s How to Do Theory, a keyword search of Graff’s Taking Cover in Coverage, and a summary and evaluation of Eagleton’s Introduction: What is Literature?. The thesis of my evaluation on Eagleton was my agreement toward his argument that literature cannot be defined due to ideology, which is evidenced by the corruption of educational power structures who attempt to define literature for students as I had experienced in high school. Throughout the course of the revisions, several minor edits were made. The abstract was “cleaned up” to make it tighter and more succinct. A small formatting error was adjusted in the keyword search. Transition sentences between paragraphs were created and internal transition words/phrases were made clearer. In the evaluation, grammatical errors (ie: subject agreement in pronouns) were fixed, the thesis was made less wordy and more concise, and additional concrete examples and clarifications of explanations were added in the body.


Summary and Evaluation Essay First Draft

Summary and Evaluation Essay Peer Review

Revision #1 (Track Changes)

Revision #1 (Clean Copy)

Summary and Evaluation Essay–Revision 2 (Track Changes)

Summary and Evaluation Essay–Revision 2 (Clean Copy)

Summary and Evaluation Essay–Draft 3-Final (Track Changes)

Summary and Evaluation Paper Final Draft

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