Essay 4: Feminist and Gender


My feminist essay analyzes how in Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass Alice returns to the imaginary world of Wonderland to explore the real-life social ideology behind women’s social status in society; meanwhile, her journey demonstrates the negative influence society’s ideology has on the minds of girls transitioning into adulthood. Throughout the novel, Alice encounters many challenging characters and events that serve to reveal much about women’s position in society and allow Alice to formulate her own opinions about feminism as she battles to become a powerful Queen in a man-dominated world. Through revisions, I improved the quality of my essay by clarifying my arguments in my thesis and topic sentences, adding more feminist theory sources to bolster the feminist criticism, expanding deeper in analyses of gender roles, incorporating dialogue from another feminist critic, strengthening transitions, and cleaning up confusing wording.

Feminist-Gender Essay Proposal

Feminist Essay First Draft (with Peer Review Comments)

Feminist-Gender Essay Draft #2 (Track Changes)

Feminist-Gender Essay Draft #2 (Clean Copy)

Feminist Essay Final Draft (Track Changes)

Feminist Essay Final Draft

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