Essay 5: New Historical


My New Historical essay on Chopin’s The Awakening examines how the conflict hidden within the New Orleans Creole culture serves as the ideal setting to drive Edna Pontellier’s feminist awakening. Although much time and effort went into researching and writing this essay, it did not make it into my presentation portfolio due to its lack of a clear and narrow focus (as pointed out by my professor’s numerous notes on the first draft). Overall, the essay could use a complete rewriting, which is why there are no revisions included beyond the first draft (due to time constraints as the end of the semester approached while coinciding with the due date of the reader response essay). Although this essay did not turn out to be the great product I thought it would be, I did learn a few things from the experience: 1) it is always an excellent idea to let others review your writing in case it is not as great as you may have thought, and 2) sometimes it is better to take a loss in a piece and accept your shortcomings–no matter how hard or long you worked on it.


New Historical Essay Proposal (with Peer Review Comments)

New Historical Essay Proposal (Revised)

 New Historical Essay First Draft (with Peer Review Comments)

New Historical Esssay Revision 1 (with Track Changes)

 New Historical Essay Final Draft