Essay 6: Reader Response


My Reader Response essay takes a deeper look at how a reader’s identity influences their interpretation of a text, using their own imagination to fill in the indeterminant gaps within the work. Much of what a reader understands from a piece of literature comes from their predisposition, which results from their varying identity themes and the certain interpretive communities they are a part of. In this way not only do people have different views of what is taking place within with the work, but their personal transaction also why they find the text valuable. Additionally, reader response theory offers an explanation as to why often when a work is translated into live performances such as plays and film, it simply can’t seem to fulfill the audience’s expectations. This essay began as a dialogue on how “ghost chapters” in the plot and language are filled by the reader, however it then turned to a much more interesting examination of how the reader becomes one with the text. In revisions, I simply clarified my thesis statement and topic sentences to fully capture the content of my arguments.

Reader Response Essay Thesis Proposal & Outline

 Reader Response Essay First Draft (with Peer Review Comments)

Reader Response Essay Revision 1 (with Track Changes)

Reader Response Essay Final Draft

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