Essay 2 Portal

This will be a direct portal to the essay itself. You should offer a title that highlights the skill or genre that the essay you’ve chosen illustrates (close reading, source-study, psychoanalysis, etc.). You should provide one paragraph that contextualizes this paper for a lay reader. You might: summarize your argument; explain your purpose and/or process in writing in this mode; and conclude by explaining how this essay shows off a particular strength of yours. For a good example of how this page should look, see Jaena Manson’s psychoanalytic essay.

After the title and introduction, you should include a link to a polished version of your essay. I’ve built that page—and that link—here:

Link to Essay 2 

It’s up to you to provide the content.

Please keep in mind that the content of these essays will be evaluated by your professor for English 305 for the quality of the argument, the gracefulness of the writing, and the integration of primary and (in many cases) secondary research sources. In other words, these essays must demonstrate your intellectual acumen as an English literature major or minor.

Your essays must follow MLA documentation style, and should include a works cited. However, since your  portfolio should also highlight the best in writing for the web, you do have some freedom in particular layout features for each essay. You can include visual images, for example., and get rid of paragraph indents (since WordPress incorporates automatic line breaks between paragraphs). You can “drop” the first-page format that you used for each essay that you turned in for evaluation:

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Professor’s Name
Course Name: English 305
Date of Paper