Close Reading

This page will provide a collection of all the drafts that you used to develop your close reading essay. You should introduce that collection with a summary of your process in developing that essay. You might include a discussion of: your initial aims; feedback you received; revisions you made; how the essay evolved over time; and where you ended up. You should provide a conclusion about the results you achieved; you can be positive or critical here, depending on whether or not you selected this essay for your final portfolio.

This page must include one draft and one revision, as well as one set of comments (either from the instructor or from a peer). However, more is better here—showing multiple drafts and multiple rounds of feedback will support the idea that you’ve been developing your essay through a deliberate process. You should label and order these drafts/comments clearly and logically. You may also consider including files that show track changes to highlight the extent of your revision

To do this effectively, you should upload .pdf copies of each draft/set of comments.