Introductory Biography for Final Portfolio

You need to team up with a person in your writing group; you will each write a short biographical statement about each other. The biographical statement must be included in your process portfolio. Below is a description of the assignment.

Biography Description

To help you prepare for your final portfolio, you need team up with someone in the class, preferably those who have read your work throughout the semester via peer review. You will write an introductory biography of your classmate, which will be included in the final portfolio at the end of the semester; the biographical sketch will be the “introduction” to your portfolio. Each sketch will have three parts:

 Part 1: brief biographical sketch of the person

•where born and raised

•overview of life until college

•important “markers” in the person’s life


Part 2: brief biographical sketch of the person in college

•majors, minors, etc.

•other activities in college—academic and social

•intentions for the future


Part 3: overview of portfolio’s contents

•provide brief overview of each essay—interview person and read essays for ideas



•Length: entire biographical sketch should be around 2-3 typed pages

•Sign your name to the bio you wrote.

•Biographical essays need to be well-written with lots of personality. Humor acceptable, as long as you respect the writer and content of the portfolio. Make certain that you  “sign” your name to the biography that you write.