The Introduction, as the name implies, is the keynote for your portfolio. While your Welcome page is written for both specialist and non-specialist audiences, the Introduction is designed for specialist audiences.  Be guided by the following directions for your Introduction.

Any good book will have some kind of preface or introduction by the author.  In such introductions, the author is able to personalize the book, while providing an overview of the book’s contents.  Since all of you will be writing wonderful books (your portfolios), you will want to create a rousing introduction.  Thus you will want to pay particular attention to the following information on the Introduction parameters.


Introduction Description

The Introduction should be around 3-4 (or more) typed pages.  In this essay, you should do the following:


•Discuss the value of studying English literature

•Describe your writing process (readers should be able to “see” how you create a document, how you compose, etc.)

•Discuss your writing strengths and areas you concentrated on for improvement

•Present other information that you feel adds to the reflective word

 •Write Introduction in a lively, vivid, concrete, and personable style