Presentation Portfolio

Your Presentation Portfolio will include four essays that you crafted throughout the semester. These essays, as you can imagine, should be the strongest essays that you have written for English 305. One of these essays needs to demonstrate your ability to integrate multiple research sources that go beyond our textbooks for the course. The essays you may choose come from the following:

  • New Critical Close Reading: Writing about Form
  • Summary and Evaluation: Writing about Academic Arguments
  • Psychoanalytic Reading: Writing about Character and Motivation
  • Feminist and Gender Criticism: Writing about Gender and Sexuality
  • New Historical Interpretation: Writing about History and Culture
  • Reader-Response Examination: Writing about Readers

To contextualize your essays for a specialist and non-specialist reader, you need to frame each essay in a short descriptive statement about the evolution of each essay. Each statement should provide readers with an insight into the genesis of the essay, the purpose of the essay, and other information that you feel the reader will find interesting. While these statement are geared primarily for a generalist audience, they need to be written with concrete specificity, enticing your readers to read your full essay.

To make your presentation portfolio as readable as possible on the web, you will save each paper as a new page–rather than as a PDF document–so that you can format your essay for web reading. See the sample student paper below:

Emily, Get Your Gun: The Explosive Struggle for “De-gendering” in Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

For format issues, please be guided by the sample portfolios by Jaena Manson and Emma Riehl.