Essay 1

General Rules about Presentation Portfolio Essays

Each essay in your presentation portfolio is targeted toward a specialist audience that may include professors, your peers, graduate school admissions committees, and prospective employers. But please keep in mind that the content of these essays will be evaluated by your professor for English 305 for the quality of the argument, the gracefulness of the writing, and the integration of primary and (in many cases) secondary research sources. In other words, these essays must demonstrate your intellectual acumen as an English literature major or minor.

Your essays must follow MLA documentation style. However, since your WordPress presentation portfolio should also highlight the best in writing for the web, you do have some freedom in particular layout features for each essay, as described below:

  • You can “drop” the first-page format that you used for each essay that you turned in for evaluation. In other words, you do not need to have the following information repeated for each essay:

Your Name

Professor’s Name

Course Name: English 305

Date of Paper

In addition, you do not have to have a running header of your last name and page numbers, though each paper should have page numbers since you will be uploading

your essays as PDF files.

If you choose, however, you may keep all papers in standard MLA format.

  • You are welcome–urged–to integrate visuals into your portfolio, thus reflecting the best of web design. The same holds true for hyperlinks and embedded videos. but keep in mind that any such link needs to serve the academic essay that your are presenting. Be careful that a visual or hyperlink does not detract from the content of your essay or undermine it in any way.